About Us

Zucchero Canada, a division of Canada Cacao Company Inc, is your gateway to a world of culinary delight. From the finest Venezuelan cocoa beans to an extensive selection of chocolate molds and baking supplies, we cater to chocolate lovers, pastry artisans, and home cooks alike. Our online store offers a seamless experience, providing the tools to unlock your culinary potential and let your creations shine.

Explore a curated collection of premium products featuring top-tier pastry brands such as Mol D'art, Chocolate World, Pavoni Italia, FBM, and Martellato. Discover the art of baking excellence as you combine the finesse of "Bagatelle" French bread flour to craft perfecting your natural sourdough starter. Elevate your creations by embracing the unmatched richness of Venezuelan cocoa beans, all harmoniously available in one place!

As a proudly Canadian Company, Zucchero Canada embodies excellence and innovation in the culinary world. Join us in celebrating the art of creation and the joy of indulgence. Your journey to culinary mastery begins with us!